About Us

Hospitality Marketing Agency

"Allegro" refers to a piece of classical music, played quickly and in a lively way. With a passion for hospitality, tourism and digital communications, Allegro is a marketing agency that combines the fields of public relations and customer relationship management to drive the best results for your brand. Allegro is a sister agency of Food News Integrated Marketing, an award-winning food and beverage marketing firm in Singapore.

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Why work with us

Our expertise extends across a global network. So wherever your audience is, Allegro will follow. Our network of communications and hospitality experts extend across Asia. Working closely with a creative strategy team based in Singapore, we develop tailored solutions to meet your marketing needs.

Our partner agency in Indonesia

Our specialisation in hospitality and tourism makes us insiders of the industry.

Our dedication and passion for the hospitality and tourism sectors is what makes us experts in what we do. Staying on top of the latest trends, we are quick to pursue industry best practices, and adept at responding to shifts in the market.

Our digital-first approach to communications extends the reach of your brand.

Embracing the ever-changing media landscape, our digital-savvy team is skilled at driving content that is on trend and ranks well. This, combined with our long-drawn practice of placing winning stories on key print and broadcast media, is how we maximise opportunities and reach for your brand.